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I am an experienced speaker able to:

  1. Explain exponential technologies
  2. Change the way your industry, business, or region thinks about life science
  3. Prepare you for the changes ahead in biotechnology
  4. Inspire and motivate action
  5. Connect you to leaders in key fields

Biotechnology has experienced previous booms that have proven unsustainable.  In fact, as an industry, is a lot like the airline industry, crucial but not always profitable.  Few realize that biotechnology returned its first profit ever just in 2008.

I believe the biotechnological future is brighter than ever.  Over the last decade, biotechnology has gone digital. It is on the cusp of delivering truly disruptive technological changes. And because biotechnology is central to all living things, this could bring societal shifts as well.

Humanity entered 1900 largely as an agrarian society, without heavier-than-air flight, without computers, and with virtually no biological understanding of disease.  We exited the century with nearly half of all people living in cities, exploring space, globally networked, and holding a draft of the human genome.

What’s ahead?  Noted futurist Ray Kurzweil in this remarkable essay says that compared to the last 100 years, we can expect 20,000 years of relative progress.

If you’re not preparing for this change, you’re going to be swept away by it.

Questions addressed:

  • What can we expect to happen in the next 5, 10, and 20 years?
  • How will the changes in genetic technologies affect my government, business, or investments?
  • What impact will these technologies have on intellectual property, regulations, or policy?
  • How can my organization or region adapt to keep pace with innovation?
  • How can I structure my education or career for success in life science?
  • What can I do to prosper from the changes ahead?
  • How can I start my own biotech business?
  • What are the implications for global health?

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