2014 Presentations

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2013 Presentations

2012 Presentations

World Future 2012, Toronto

GSP 2012 Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Track, Synthetic Biology Overview

GSP 2012 Design Track, Designing Like Darwin

TED Global, Edinburgh

FBI-DIYbio Meeting, SF

Singularity University Platinum Event, Mountain View

Health FOO, Boston

Singularity University Executive Program, Milan

Autodesk IDEAS

Singularity University Executive Program, Chile

Singularity University Executive Program, Brazil

ICLS Heidelberg Meeting

Singularity University Hollywood Executive Program, March 3-4, LA

TRANS4M, Feb 9, Los Angeles

FutureMed, Feb 6-11, Singularity University

Kairos Summit, Feb 3-4 New York

Triple Ring Technologies Medtech Frontiers, Feb 2, Bay Area

Singularity University Executive Program, January 30, Rotterdam

2011 Presentations

Singularity University Executive Program, Dec 3-10

Quantified Self Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nov 26-27

TEDxAmsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nov 25

Human Genetic Engineering Debate, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Nov 23

TEDxBrussels, Brussels, Belgium, Nov 22

Good Morning Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden, Nov 17

Our Post Human Future, ISSB, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada Nov 15

Techonomy 2011, Tucson, Arizona, Nov 13-14

AECON Board Briefing, Mountain View, CA, Nov 4-6

TEDxLosGatos, Los Gatos, CA Oct 26

Flow State Summit, Malibu, CA Oct 22

Intel, New York Comic Con, Oct 15-16

Singularity University Executive Program, Oct 1-8

Oil Sands Leadership Initiative Innovation Days, Sept 28-29

Alberta iGEM Regional Meeting, Edmonton, Canada Sept 23-25

ANBio Brazil Biosecurity Conference, Joinville, Brazil, Sept 19-22

Biosafety and Biosecurity International Conference, Amman, Jordan, Sept 13-16

Jesuit Center, Los Gatos, Sept 7

Telluride Film Festival, Telluride, Colorado, Sept 1-6

SALLS 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, August 24-26

Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden, August 19

HealthFOO, Cambridge, MA, July 15-17

TED Global, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 11-14

DARPA Living Foundries, Arlington, VA, June 28

Synthetic Biology 5.0, Stanford University, June 15-17

Autodesk IDEAS, San Francisco, May 22-24

Medical Synthetics: An Introduction to Synthetic Biology for Medical Professionals, SU Futuremed Program, Mountain View, May 10-15

Intentional Selection: A Look Into Our Biological Future, Museum of Tomorrow Visioning, CRIA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 29

Preparing Abu Dhabi for Exponential Change, ATIC-SU Meeting, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi, April 19-20

Flow State University Founders Circle, Standard Hotel, Los Angeles, April 13-14

Patient, Heal Thyself, TEDxUSC, Los Angeles, April 12

Singularity University Executive Program, NASA Ames, April 1-8

Here be Dragons: Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future (Synthetic Biology), Google Inc., Washington DC, February 3-4

Open Source and Regulation, Engineering Life and Ethical Practices (Course, with Laura Dress), Emory University, February 2

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