Pink Army

From Blockbuster to Netflix

changing the business model to produce better cancer medicines

Cancer will affect 1 in 3 people. Treatment requires killing bad cells while leaving the good ones alone. The key is specificity – the ability to distinguish one cell from another.

No two cancers are the same. This means that specific cancer drugs must be custom-engineered for each person. The current pharmaceutical business model simply can’t support this approach. It can only make mass-market medicines.

So I co-founded the Pink Army Cooperative. It’s an open source, community based biopharma company. Rather than develop a new drug, it has developed a new business model for the drug industry, one for the digital age.

The medicines are viruses, computer-designed to give your cancer cells a cold.

Pink Army aims to make an endless supply of these medicines for any person, delivered to their door, in days. As many as they need. On subscription. Like Netflix, only with drugs.

This is how we beat cancer.


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