Redesigning People: How far will you go?

My friend David Ewing Duncan recently published an fascinating piece in the online site examining what’s ahead in medical technologies.  What’s clear is that medtech and biotech are moving beyond the traditional boundaries of dire medical need and into the realm of human enhancement.  There’s a fine line between exoskeletons to help a paralyzed person walk and using similar equipment to set a new record in climbing Mount Everest or using ADHD drugs to get better scores on tests, a line that we’re bumping up against more.  If you don’t think it will affect you, or your kids, think again.  I was so impressed by Hugh Herr’s bionic legs that I experienced prosthetics envy at TEDMED.  If you believe Fast Company, I wasn’t alone.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Synthetic biology advances could see engineered humans being booted up in a few decades.